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The early years in your child’s life are full of amazing opportunities for growth, wonder, and learning. It is also the most critical time to provide early interventions to make the most lasting impact on your child’s future. Speech, language, fine motor, sensory processing, or behavioral concerns are best addressed at a young age.

Early intervention can lead to lifelong success for your child and has been proven to positively change outcomes for children and families. This allows for a more fulfilling life as well as lasting contributions to the community.

We designed our pediatric therapy to be both effective and fun, as children learn best through play. Our personal attention to your child’s specific needs ensures every moment we spend with them is productive, nurturing, and engaging. And best of all, our passionate and highly-skilled therapists provide custom, one-on-one pediatric therapy services in the comfort and convenience of their Early Learning Center. 

With a dedicated team of TheraPeds speech, occupational, ABA, and behavioral pediatric therapists in your corner, your child can hit milestones, become more independent, and live their best life.

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