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Early Intervention Services

How TheraPeds began

Fay Margareten, a speech-language pathologist, founded TheraPeds in 2017 with one objective: To remove barriers and increase access to therapeutic early intervention services, therefore putting children in the best position to succeed.
After having witnessed the easily accessible early intervention
pediatric therapeutic services available to families in New York City, regardless of socioeconomic status, Fay knew she wanted to recreate that model in her home state of Ohio. Services for children younger than five are difficult to access, especially in lower socioeconomic areas throughout Ohio.
Understanding the importance of early intervention, Fay set out to change the service delivery model to remove common barriers such as transportation, time off of work, childcare for siblings, and other obstacles that prevented families from receiving the help they needed.
Starting where she was most familiar—with speech therapy—she began partnering with local Early Learning Centers to offer pediatric speech therapy. Recognizing an even greater need, Fay soon began adding occupational therapy, behavioral therapy, an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnostic program, and ABA autism therapy services. Read More
Together with fellow speech-language pathologist Lindsay Vale, Fay has grown the organization to include a team of approximately 40 extremely collaborative and passionate therapists, technicians and office staff members serving the Greater Cleveland, Columbus, Akron, Canton, and Warren areas.

As a result of her and her team’s passion, diligence, and care, TheraPeds is bridging the gap between developmental needs and abilities—thereby increasing equitable access and improving the overall well-being of hundreds of children throughout Ohio.

Our Goal: To eliminate barriers to pediatric therapy services access without impacting the quality of service.

Meet Fay Margareten, M.S. SLP-CCC, speech therapist and founder of TheraPeds

From my earliest memories, I have always known that I wanted my profession to align with my passion for helping others. There were days when I was certain I was going to be a nurse and others when I was mentally decorating my office as a nutritionist. That all changed when I began speech therapy at the age of eleven to improve my articulation. I looked forward to my weekly speech therapy sessions of one-on-one attention and lots of fun. As my skills increased, my confidence and respect for the field increased. My heart was set!

While I was in graduate school, my sweet nephew was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at the age of two. Life was altered significantly for our family, as my brother could not complete everyday tasks like grocery shopping, visiting our parents, and having guests due to my nephew’s behaviors and sensitivities. Early and intensive speech therapy, occupational therapy, and ABA autism therapy services have allowed both my nephew and our family to embrace his differences and have unlocked his potential. Nowadays, you can find him riding on his skateboard, playing the piano, reading a book, typing, and bringing tremendous joy, laughter, and love to our family and to everyone who knows him. He’s our superstar!

Seeing the progress my nephew made as a result of access to high-quality resources and the ability of  our family to advocate on his behalf, I knew I wanted to bring the same level of quality early intervention services to children in Ohio who would not have access to these services otherwise. Years later I still feel the same passion to help children maximize their development and live the most enriched lives possible. I care about each and every child in our program as though they are part of my extended family.

When I am not at TheraPeds, I enjoy cooking, walking, reading, spending time with family and friends, and Latin dance. I live with my husband, Sammy, and our soon-to-be therapy dog, Baker. Read Less

Meet Lindsay Vale, M.A. CCC-SLP, speech therapist and clinical director of TheraPeds

I found my passion for the speech therapy field and helping others at just five years old, due to my sister’s speech delay. Since then, my passion and commitment has continued to grow, especially in my role as clinical director at TheraPeds. As someone who has witnessed the benefits of Early Intervention, I understand that development simply cannot wait. I truly believe that every child deserves an adult in their life who cares about them—and that’s what motivates me to provide and train others to provide the most high-quality, individualized care to young children in their natural learning environment. I currently reside in Kent, Ohio with my husband, Russell, and our dog, Tina. I enjoy reading and spending time with friends and family. You can catch me almost every morning walking Tina on the Kent State campus. If you see me, be sure to say hello!

Meet Baker Therapy Dog in Training

I am a friendly and lovable miniature Goldendoodle currently in training to provide therapeutic support to children. In my free time, I love belly rubs, playing retrieve, long walks, playing with other pups, earning treats, the snow, and RUNNING!

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